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SBE Builders is a commercial and residential framing contractor located in Discovery Bay California. Dedicated to the art of Carpentery & Roof Framing. We are the professionals for the future of the craft of carpentry.

SBE Builders Commercial & Residential Structural Framing
Structural GluLam Beams

Maximize your confidence in SBE Builders with our complete understanding of the structural glulam beams used in commercial buildings.

GluLam Beam Construction variables:

Is the GluLam beam used for a simple span or a cantilver span?If the GluLam beam is for a simple span it will be a Douglas Fir 24F-V4 with a bottom tension cord of 2400 psi. If the GluLam beam is a cantilver beam, like the glulam beam shown in the picture above, it will be a 24F-V8 with a bottom tension cord of 2400 psi and a top compression cord of 2400 psi.

Is the radius of the GluLam beam through the supports? Yes, the glulam beam radius is measured with a straigth line through the supports, including cantilver beams. All glulam beams will have a radius of 3500' U.O.N. on the structural plans.

Is there a APA-EWS or AITC trademark stamp on each GluLam? Yes, all of glulam beams will have a factory mark of the laminated structural units with APA-EWS or AITC Quality Inspected mark on timber surfaces which will not be exposed to view in completed work.

Certificate to indicate conformance ? Yes, the American Wood Systems (APA-EWS) certificate will indicate conformance with ANSI Standard A190.1l.

Is the GluLam protected from mostiure? Prior to shipping, all glulam beams are individually wrapped with the manufacturer’s standard, opaque, durable, water-resistant, plastic-coated paper covering, with water-resistant seams with all ends sealed with protective sealant.

Are shop drawings included? Yes, all glulam beams will have shop drawings specifing size, stress, exterior grade, camber and Species.

High Aspect-Ratio Shear Panels

hardy frame
Hardy Frame example with a custom height for the frames. The hardy frames in this photo are 9'-6" in height.
Maximize your confidence in SBE Builders with our complete understanding of high aspect-ratio shear panels. Hardy Frames, Simpson Strong Walls and Trus Joist TJŪ-Shear Panels. All the high aspect-ratio shear panels can be used for applications in seismic zones 3 and 4 in California where we have high winds and seismic uplifting.

simpson strong wall
Simpson Strong Wall example with 4x6 members attached to each side of the Simpson Strong Wall for a stronger connection to the surrounding framing members.
hardy frame
Hardy Frame example with 4x6 members attached to each side of the Hardy Frame for a stronger connection to the surrounding framing members.
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SBE Builders
SBE Builders
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Roof Framing Geometry

  • Roof framing geometry is empirical-type knowledge.
  • Information gained by means of observation, experience, or experiment.
  • From ground Line 0: Z1, Z2, Z3 etc...
  • To Roof Axis 0: A1, A2, A3 etc...
  • To the bring back line 0 for scribing: B1, B2, B3 etc...

Roof Framing Geometry Blog

Rafter Tools for Android
With Quad Tetrahedra Analytic Algorithm Technology.
Helping apprentice carpenters on their journey to becoming master carpenters with Certification in roof framing.

Rafter Tools+ for iPhone

Rafter Tools+ is a rafter calculator for complex roof framing angles that other roof framing calculators don't offer.


Stair Tangent for iPhone

This iPhone app is for rough frame carpenters that don't build stairs everyday, but could use an stair app calculator to check their stair building calculations. Build a set of stairs that you are gonna be proud of. With Stair Tangent you can elimenate cumulative math errors when building - constructing stairs.

Stair Tangent

Crown Molding Tools

Crown Molding Tools  

Carpenters Of Steel

Canadian & American Geometric Roof Framing Development
using a Steel Framing Square

Geometric Roof Framing Development for Irregular Hip Roof Calculations
using a Steel Framing Square

Geometric Development of Tetrahedron
using a Steel Framing Square

Hip Rafter Backing Bevel Angles from 1565 to 2013

Applied Geometry and Euclidean GeometryA lesson in Applied Geometry and Euclidean Geometry

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